Lynne Shaw Art

Contemporary painting and collage

Artist Statement

I respond to and explore found material through a fluid, playful process. De-contextualisation allows me to examine how unrelated elements can be re-assembled to forge new relationships and generate surprise combinations.

By utilising components of a personally selected, pre-archived collection of fragments, I’m able to engage with and investigate how detritus from today’s society can be transformed and question preconceptions surrounding the production and value of art.

The over saturation of images and continuous availability of popular, mass-media magazines and newspapers are a constant source of inspiration and by revealing some of the layers and textures built up during the process, it is my aim to create work that inspires a slower, more considered period of observation that contradicts the rapid consumption of imagery generated by today’s digital age. 

My interaction with collage and paint allows me to engage with and transform every day materials into something other. Enables me to re-present rather than represent. I’m looking for the materialisation of something new and search for combinations of various scale that evolve from a place of unknown discovery.

I work freely with pre- archived materials, until a point of emergence arises and I recognise connections that set a precedent. This then enables me to complete the work with purpose. What I’m looking to achieve is to create work that has arrived from my engagement with everyday life and the world we live in, not as a result of a painting I’ve done and sent out into the world.

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