Project tea-pot- first one finished

Hi.  You may have noticed I’ve been away for a while – no? Oh, a stab to my heart!!!

Anyway, during my absence, project tea-pot hasn’t gone away. The thoughts, however, are resonating.  Digging deeper and stirring longer.  Memories associated with tea pots are gathering momentum – celebrations, get togethers, sharing, history, genetics…..biscuits! you see where I’m going?

For now though, rightly or wrongly, good or bad, here’s the first finished image. I’ve got it out of my head, onto the paper, and it is what it is. Will the Tate galleries be fighting over which one is to exhibit such a fine piece? I think we all know the answer to that, but it was fun. It got me started. It got my thoughts and feelings out on paper and satisfied my curiosity. It even got me trying my hand at ‘movie’ making!!! I might fill you in on that bit if I ever get it finished. All I can say is that I am REALLY enjoying the process! Who knows a new career may be on the horizon. Oh, dear. Will my daydreaming never stop???…

…here it is.

Project tea pot 17 - Final
Project tea pot 17 – Final

8 thoughts on “Project tea-pot- first one finished

  1. You’ve made me think Lynne. A teapot is very iconic. Stirs up lots of thoughts and memories. Happy or sad, we always make a pot of tea. It’s much more than a piece of crockery. Love it. Great idea.


    1. I feel it’s always the same, Alison. Anytime we recognise a connection to something, or anytime something sticks in our minds for a while, it usually means it holds a significance for us – even if we’re not immediately aware of it. This is why we give ideas time to percolate after the initial flourish. The original ideas are rarely the best, just the most obvious. The ones most people will come up with. I was thinking tea-pot, I painted a tea-pot. Most other people would do the same. But now deeper and more personal connotations are beginning to surface because I’ve let the thoughts circulate with no deliberate attempt to analyse them. No two people have the same memories about things even if the circumstances or themes are the same. Couple that with your personal preferences with materials and techniques and the work eventually becomes unique. Whilst skills and copying are important, and sometimes impressive, they’re only the first step – in my opinion the interesting stuff is beyond that.


  2. That’s a lesson in itself Lynne. Really interesting and thought provoking. And the world is your oyster because ANYTHING could be the subject.


    1. You already have it Sandra, I’ve seen it. You just have to try and remember to let go of the fear in the initial stages. Large shapes to small, Abstract to figurative, Big and blousey to small and refined. (Is ‘blousey’ even a word? Hopefully, you know what I mean???)


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