3 reasons to love art…

What only 3?  I doubt it, but for now here are my top three…

1 – Potential.  No matter how much I read, watch, see, or listen to there’s still more out there for me to read, watch, see, and listen to.  I love learning about art and being expressive. Of discovering different ways to create.  And it seems the more I find out, the more paths I find to explore. I love the feeling that my potential as an artist is always being stretched. Challenged.  And that I haven’t learnt all there is to learn. It keeps me interested in life, and it still, after all these years, fires my passion.

2 – The joy of looking.  Oh! When I see someone’s work that I connect with – the feeling! It’s like pins and needles. Like I’ve been plugged in and have had a powerful blast of something I want more of. Cy Twombly at Liverpool Tate. Callum Innes when I was a student. Too many artists online to mention individually but who are generous enough to share their work. I thank you all.

3 –  Development. Before I embarked on my artistic journey, I imagined there was ‘a way’ to ‘it’ and all I had to do was go and learn ‘it’. I’ve since found out that ‘it’ is never still. You might do ‘it’ this way one year but ‘it’ moves on to something a bit different next year. This can be deliberate or not but it rarely stays the same forever. And it just keeps on delivering surprises. Now, of course, we have technology developing alongside us to enable more experimenting and exploring. As I said – potential. It’s always being stretched.

So, what are your top 3? Are they the same or have you found other reasons to love it? Feel free to post, I’m sure my other reader would like to know too.



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