What time?!…

Wow! Is it really February already? It doesn’t seem two minutes since I was floating around the kitchen in a paper hat stinking of eau de sprout and trying to drag my own body weight in dripping turkey out of the oven. Where have the weeks gone?

You’d think, after all that time away, this post would be lengthy, but alas, that’s not the intention. I’m posting to spread the word about my latest plan(s) – to run a colour workshop (or workshops depending on the response and if I can find the appropriate venues) and some full day, collage events. I’m also contemplating sketch days and workshops using drawing elements. As usual, I have a thousand more ideas drifting through the sea of grey matter upstairs, but slow and steady does it. One thing at a time.

Most of my agenda is still in the pipeline (or brain as I like to call it) – apart from the first workshop which is taking shape nicely. It may take me all year to implement it, but if you think you might be partial, you can fill in the form on my ‘classes’ page on this blog or email me at ‘lynneshawart@gmail.com to register your interest. If you like, I can add your name to my new mailing list – which I’m battling away with behind the scenes but have yet to conquer.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s staying lighter, longer and the birds are singing again. Maybe we’ll all discover this year is going to be our year?

Don’t forget, you can follow me here too, if you’d like to? I’m pretty sure my other reader would like to have someone to chat to.

Happy art making, amigos.




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