Artist statement

Exploring materials through a process of de-contextualisation, de-construction and re-emergence is the foundation of my practice.

Using found imagery, hand-marked or gifted paper and other ephemera discarded and separated from its original history, I examine how unrelated elements can be re-assembled to forge new relationships and generate surprise combinations.

By utilising components of a personally selected and pre-archived collection of fragments, I’m able to engage with and investigate how detritus from today’s society can be transformed and question the preconceptions surrounding the production of, and the value of, art. It also allows me to make enquiry into the speed at which imagery is viewed or dis-regarded.

The over saturation of images and the continuous availability of popular, mass-media magazines and newspapers are a constant source of inspiration. My interaction with collage and paint allows me to engage with and transform every day materials into something other. Enables me to re-present rather than represent.

I’m looking for the materialisation of something new resulting from the amalgamation of information already in existence. I search for new relationships and forge unions of various scale and technique that evolve from a place of unknown discovery.

I work in an organic and fluid manner, initially playful, that evolves into artwork that displays a considered use of space with an overall balanced composition. My process leads me to a concluded piece often, but not always, re-telling a story, conveying an emotion or revealing abstract forms. I work freely with my sub-consciously selected archive materials, until a point of emergence arises and I recognise a connection. This then sets a precedent and enables me to complete the work with purpose.

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