Art Hub

Art Hub is a project still at the idea stage. I’m working to bring together a network of contacts, funders and venues to enable me to create a community meeting place that uses visual art as a tool to generate purposeful activity, build public engagement and offer support.

It’s my hope that this strategy will actively assist in the relief of social isolation, enable the development of community companionship and help to strengthen local resiliance, health and neighbourhood relations. It’s my intention to further extend organically grown concepts into classes, sessions, visits and art led projects and anyone who is curious, enjoys art, feels creative or likes conversation will be welcome to come along.

The feedback so far has been positive and with local support some progress has been made. But there’s still a way to go and this entry is only the first of, hopefully, many on this page.

If you’re interested in what’s happening maybe you’ll call back sometime and catch future posts – there may even be some images once there’s more news to share? Personally, I think there should be an Art Hub on everyone’s street corner, so if you live somewhere you think would benefit from one – start one! See how it goes.

Thanks for your interest so far, I’ll look forward to welcoming you back.

Lynne x

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